Wrong Number My story in 'Not Quite Shakespeare'

NotQuiteShakespeareI have a story coming out in a new anthology from Dreamspinner Press released today, to mark the UK GLBT Fiction Meet this weekend.

The anthology is called ‘Not Quite Shakespeare’ and my story’s titled ‘Wrong Number’. It’s about a young guy in London who accidentally reveals more about himself than he planned, to one of his bosses.

You can see an extract from ‘Wrong Number’ and discover more about me in my interview on Elin Gregory’s blog here:


It’s a funny story and I think the opening will make you laugh.

You can order the anthology from Dreamspinner or from Amazon in the USA or UK.
UPDATE 2018: Not Quite Shakespeare is now out of print. The rights to my story have reverted to me, and you can get it for free by signing up for my newsletter–just enter your first name and email in the form on the right.

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