A Bennet By Any Other Name . . . Names in Out, Proud, and Prejudiced

Out Proud and Prejudiced coverToday’s post on my blog tour is over at Diverse Reader, and it’s about the character names in Out, Proud, and Prejudiced.

One of the fun things about writing a retelling (or any story, really) is choosing names for the characters. So how did I pick the names for my male/male variation of Pride and Prejudice?

The short answer is that I didn’t follow any particular system. Some characters came to life with their names already attached—Darius, for example. Although I did have to change his last name, because he started out as Lanister, and then I read A Game of Thrones. (Not having a TV is sometimes a disadvantage.)

A lot of the characters keep the first initial of their name: K for Kitty and Kofi, L for Lydia and Leon, W for Wickham and Wyndham—although that switches from his last name to his first.

Giorgio and Georgiana are very close. Charlotte and Catherine didn’t change at all, but originally that was only Charlotte. I called Catherine Caroline until somebody told me they kept thinking she was meant for Caroline Bingley. And somebody else told me there were too many C names, which led to more changes. This is partly why Tim is called Tim, which has no relation to the original at all 🙂

To find out more, you’ll need to go to my post on Diverse Reader.

I also reveal an excellent way to get yourself to sleep. It works for me — way better than counting sheep!

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